The 2022 World Bank Group Youth Summit Competition seeks proposals from youth (18 – 35 years) who have innovative and action-oriented solutions and projects for “Unlocking the Power of Inclusion for Equitable Growth” based on three pillars of development: social, environmental, and economic.

The competition rewards the most innovative idea that fosters:

  • Social inclusion as a driver for equitable growth (Education, Health, Gender, Social Safety Nets)
  • Environmental inclusion as a driver for equitable growth
    (Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Adaptation, Climate-Smart Technologies)
  • Economic inclusion as a driver for equitable growth
    (Access to Financial Services, Financial Decision Making, Sustainable Livelihoods and Employment, Private Capital Mobilization)

Proposals can be submitted in English, Arabic, French, or Spanish. Submit your application for the pitch competition here.

This live session provided background on the competition and information on the application process.

Who should participate?

  • The competition is open to individuals or teams not exceeding 4 people, aged 18 – 35.
  • Participants can be students, as well as people in the workforce or any other occupation. No prior experience in any particular field or topic is necessary. Diverse, gender-balanced team compositions are strongly encouraged.

For participation and application, click their official link below:

Start Application 




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