1. Introduction to C++ Programming Language

This free online C++ course can introduce you to programming with C++, teaching you how C++ is written and why you might choose to use it. C++ is an incredibly useful tool that can be used to control a much wider range of applications compared to other programming languages. This course will teach you how C++ combines both procedural and object-oriented elements in simple and clear language that’ll get you started right away.

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2. Instagram Marketing Using Hashtags Promotion Strategies

Did you know that using hashtags as a marketing tool is the only ethical way to develop your Instagram account? This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of how Instagram marketing works and the process of determining which technique is ideal for you. You will explore the best ways to find trending Instagram hashtags by using real-life examples. Learn where to look for popular Instagram hashtags and how to use them effectively.

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3. Nursing Studies – Patient Care and Hygiene – Revised 2018

“Learn about important procedures and techniques used in patient care and modern nursing with this free online course”. 

Learn about important procedures and techniques used in patient care and modern nursing with this free online course.

Patient care and modern nursing with this free  online course.

This free online Nursing Studies course from Alison covers patient care and hygiene. A nursing team is responsible for protecting the patient from any additional injury or illness. With this course, you will learn proper techniques for completing these duties.

You will also study advanced patient hygiene procedures and environmental health and safety awareness, as well as how to ensure patient safety and comfort in the care setting.

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