A simple guideline for applying for a scholarship

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Applying for a scholarship can be confusing sometimes, especially when you haven’t applied for one before.

I am Crawler JP, the author of scholarshipcrawl.com, and I would love to take you through a few simple guidelines for applying for a scholarship program.

Usually, any scholarship content has the following sections:

  • About the scholarship program
  • Value of the scholarship (Full or Partially funded)
  • Eligibility
  • Available fields to apply
  • Application deadline(s)
  • An official link to the website offering the scholarships.

Guidelines to applying for a scholarship program

  1. After checking through all the points listed above, and you meet the eligibility criteria, and you are interested in the scholarship,
  2. Click on the official link provided. This will take you directly to the official scholarship website.
  3. On the official scholarship website, you should see almost similar content on the page.
  4. Usually, on the official scholarship website, you should see contacts ( usually phone numbers and email).
  5. Contact them for any questions regarding the application. They might even assign a counselor to guide you with the application processes.

Ahm!! that seems pretty simple, right? Of course, it is!




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Growing up as a third-culture kid has been hazy over the past few years. I consider it a good thing to be one of the reasons somebody or someone will get the best opportunity of his life.

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