The application for the 2022/2022 scholarship programme for christian young people is open! This program is for christians young people who demonstrate a level of need in funding their studies. The SCYP is open from now till January 2022.  For the 2022/23 academic year, the scholarship is announced for the citizens of the following countries: Lebanese Republic, Republic of Iraq, State of Israel, Palestine, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Kenya, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Republic of Armenia and Nigeria.

There is no application fee required to apply.


Before applying, the following documents must be ready:

  1. Church recommendation letter
  2. Motivational letter
  3. Transcrip of records
  4. High school certificate
  5. Passport or ID card (If Passport is unavailable during the time of the application)
  6. Medical certificate

This scholarship programme is one of the most awaited scholarship opportunity the most people are waiting for.

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By crawler

Growing up as a third-culture kid has been hazy over the past few years. I consider it a good thing to be one of the reasons somebody or someone will get the best opportunity of his life.

9 thoughts on “Scholarship for Christian Young People, 2022-2023”
    1. Not only for young people literally speaking. But yes, it targets young Christians from many countries.

      We are so sorry for the wrong information we passed to you earlier. The deadline for this Scholarship is 31st not 15th January. There is still time to apply for that.

      Hope it helps. Please, feel free to ask us a question. And we will get back to you with possible answers.

    1. We are so sorry for the wrong information we passed to you earlier. The deadline for this Scholarship is 31st January, not 15th January.

      You can also apply for this: DEADLINE:31st January 2022.

      Join us on the Facebook group through the link below to receive the latest information about scholarship opportunities

      Kind regards!!

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